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19 October Amritsar Train Accident Footage,Helpline Number

A tragic train accident near Amritsar Punjab claimed the lives of 61 people and  injured more than 150 people on 19th October 2018. The accident was caused due to a major portion of the public being distracted by the Dussehra Celebrations while standing on the rail tracks not realizing that a train was approaching at uncompromising speed.According to the local authorities the dead bodies that have been recovered include those of children and women as well.The injured people have been admitted in the Guru Nanak Hospital and the civil hospital.The people who survived the massacre which include the loved ones of the deceased and the injured blame it on the administration and the Dussehra committee saying that proper barricading and prior information about the train schedule could have saved the massacre from happening.Railway analyst are uniform in their criticism of the authorities stating that local authorities,station master, gate man and the train driver should have been proactive knowing that their was a possibility of such a rout.This accident is now being called the biggest rail accident of 2018.The Chief Minister of Punjab Capt.Amrinder Singh expressed his condolences for the families that lost their loved ones and ensured speedy relief process and thorough investigation of the event.

Footage Of The Accident

The footage of the event shows that the difference between the commencement of the Ravan Dahan and the arrival of the train was just around 30 seconds, this gave people almost no time at all to notice the arrival of death.You can check the video below: The content in this video is not for the weak hearted.

Helpline number: 



The above mentioned numbers will connect you to the Amritsar Helpline

People who want to donate blood or help the deceased must reach The Civil Hospital,Amritsar and The Guru Nanak Hospital,Amritsar.

Our heartfelt prayers are with the families of the deceased and the injured.

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