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2018 Dussehra Ravan Burning Best Timings

Dussehra Festival is recognized to celebrate the victory of Lord Rama on killing of Ravana and descend of untruth by the truth.As Ravana was known for king of all evils so to end his evilness Lord Rama killed him.Which shows us that the power of God is always powerful than power of an Evil.This is the reason people started celebrating Vijaydashmi or Dussehra. Today on 19th October 2018 Dussehra will be celebrated in many states on India.On this day statues of Ravana along with his kingdom made by the people is set on fire to show the downfall of his pride.Combustion of Ravana’s statue is done in various societies and fair is organized in many known area in the cities.People visiting the fair are seen happy and many performance are done for the entertainment and many carts are organized for buying goods and services . Dussehra is also celebrated as Vijayadashmi.On this day it is also said that Goddess Kali killed a demon named Mahishasur which is also the reason people celebrate Vijayadashmi. It is also said Lord Rama was blessed by Godess kali few days before the execution of Ravana.

Ravan Dahan

Ravan Dahan

Timings For Dahan

Wedding Worshiping will start form 8:20 to 10:30

And Auspicious Time For Abhijeet Process between 11:20 and 12;30pm

Ravana Dahan will start form around 2:30 pm and 4:20 pm

although timings for Ravan Dahan and other process is different in different states or cities as they follow a different tradition.

Auspicious Things To Do On Dussehra

Arms and Shami Tree is also praised on this day.People consider buying vehicles, clothes, gold, electronic items on this auspicious day. People also go or worshiping Lord Shiva on Dussehra as it is also considered auspicious.


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