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Chand Nikalne Ka Samay Karwa Chauth 27 Sept Chandrodaya Timings 2018

Karwa Chauth is a festival celebrated by the Hindu women for a day and this auspicious festival is celebrated four days after Purnima.On this day women fast from sunrise to moonrise for the safety and longevity of their husband.While fasting on this day women do not eat and drink anything throughout the day until moon rise. Vratis(women who are fasting on karwa chauth) on this day are very eager to see the moon to break their fast. So the timings for the moon rise on Karwa Chauth 2018 will be given below.

Karwa Chauth Moon Rise Time 2018

Prior to the moon rise rituals Karwa Chauth pujan is done which is of 1 hour 15 minute. Puja will start around 6:04 pm and ends around 7:20 pm. Rising of the moon on Karwa Chauth will be different in different states and cities.Usually moon can be seen quite early but on this day it takes time to appear which  tantalizes the women and this show the devotion of the women

Chandrodaya will first take place in this city

Women in Kolkata will get to see the moon firstly.On this day Moon will appear around 7:20 pm

Chandrodaya will take most time in this city

Women living in Mumbai will have to wait more as compared to other cities as the moon rise will take place around 8:30 pm

Timings for major cities of Punjab

Pathankot – Around 7:55 pm

Chandigargh – Around 7:55 pm

Patiyala – Around 7:55 pm

Amritsar – Around 8:00 pm

By the timings given above one can get a rough idea of chandrodaya in rest of the cities of Punjab

Moon rise in Delhi and its neighboring cities

Delhi – 8:01 pm

Gurugram – 7:51 pm

Faridabad – 7:59 pm

In general the moon rise (chandrodaya ka Samay ) will be in between 7:20 pm and 8:31 pm.As soon as the moon appears lighting lamp and other ceremony will take place in presence of the husband and women can eat and drink after the ceremony is over to completely and ritually celebrate this one day festival.

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